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Lexomatic's Field Notes

In-situ observations of the behavior and achievements of Terra, a world of minor galactic note

Sometime after the Second Cybertronian War but before the untimely demise of the T'Kon Empire, a being of pure and shining intellect spontaneously coalesced in what was already thought of (by minor, short-lived beings with a parochial mindset and unbalanced social instincts) as "the unfashionable western spiral arm" of that average barred spiral galaxy. (That happens sometimes.) Eons later, attracted by the invention of parquet flooring, the being took a close interest in the recently-evolved bipeds of the third planet of a main-sequence singleton star. Centuries after that, the need arose to assume a verbal identifier (oh, how those bipeds enjoyed naming things) and the being selected "Lexomatic" (oh, how they loved doing so with Grecian and Latinate derivations). Then something horrible happened.